Brent Webb will astound you!

He sees with your eyes! He hears with your ears! He thinks with YOUR mind!

He predicts your actions and thoughts with uncanny accuracy, from the name of your first love to the amount of change in your pocket.

Webb is an acclaimed Mind Power Expert and motivational entertainer, and has headlined his own programs at hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships, and colleges, and has created seminars and training programs for Fortune 500 corporations including Google, Ford Motor Company, Nabisco, and Hilton Hotels, and Professional Sports Teams like The Cleveland Browns, The AZ Diamondbacks, and The LA Dodgers.

He performs a high speed, interactive, full stage extravaganza that will have you questioning what is real and unreal. Brent’s show is a breathtaking, dramatic, and energetic voyage to the farthest reaches of your mind.

Brent has worked with superstars like Joan Rivers, Chaka Khan, Jessica Simpson, Dolly Parton, Sia, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, and Kenny Rogers, & has appeared twice at The White House.

He teaches people how to UNLOCK & UNLEASH their Mind Power to do more, be more, and have more in every area of their life. For more than two decades, Webb has entertained millions with his stage shows, while focusing his entire agenda around helping people create the lives of their dreams. Brent is internationally known for his inspirational and motivational style.

Brent has used his own knowledge of human potential and the mind to beat anxiety, drinking, drugs, cancer, and create a multi-million dollar brand.

In Webb's program, the audience is treated to something that goes beyond simple entertainment. They are given an experience that will grab them from the moment Brent takes the stage and doesn't let go until the stunning end. The audience members minds take center stage as they quickly realize that their thoughts are no longer their own, and they realize they are capable of so much more than they ever dreamed!

Brent engages the entire audience, making each and every one of them a part of the show. The beauty of Brent's program is his ability to play to any size group, from five to five thousand, the impossible and unbelievable happens in front of your very eyes, in fact....
seeing is.. DISBELIEVING!

In a world full of entertainment options, it is rare to find something that is original, it is even rarer to find something that will involve each and every member of the audience.

You don't just sit back and watch, you become part of the experience!

Event planners, hotels and resorts, and fortune 500 companies around the country continue to book and re-book Brent on a regular basis, and he has appeared in his own show in Las Vegas, starting at the legendary Desert Inn, and later at The Golden Nugget, and Four Queens, and has performed in almost every country in the world during the last three decades.

If you are responsible for arranging entertainment for an upcoming function, why not put things in the hands of a seasoned pro? Your guests will have the time of their lives, and you will look like the superstar!

Brent is available for corporate functions, country clubs, motivational speaking, colleges, cruise lines, hotels and casinos, and private events.

Audiences around the world can't be wrong... Brent Webb IS the man who delivers the show that has everyone talking!

Contact Brent and his team TODAY...and see what he can do for you!

"I have never seen anything like this!
What a great show, Brent!"

"Brent blows my mind! He is one of my all time favorite opening acts!"

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